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Reflections on my day….

Simon of St Locks standing in front of his van

My job brings me in constant connection with the general public but earlier this week i seemed to spend the full day doing work for elderly ladies all over Shrewsbury and Telford who all lived alone.They all had much in common, they were friendly, talkative, optimistic and all seemed to still have a genuine zest…

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Facebook…whats all that about?

Facebook screenshot

I have never personally been a facebook user but I know I am missing out on a host of local clients who regularly use it. So I have employed the services of a local business to help me kickstart and manage a facebook campaign. I can help more of you good local people in…

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“I can get those locks cheaper at Screwfix?”

So ok, a customer cancelled with me today after confirming a job that I had priced after spending a while on google and questioning my costs against the costs for materials he found at Screwfix. That is absolutely the customers perogative but they need to understand this is my business not my hobby. I am…

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January – Breaking up is hard to do!

Unfortunately Christmas is over and its back to reality….and part of that in my trade is that more couples part ways in this month than any other. It can be a difficult and stressful time and a period where individuals have thought long and hard about their circumstances and a small part is changing their…

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Theres 5 lever….and theres 5 lever!

  So you have a “5 lever” mortice lock which means you are secure and are insurance compliant, right? …Wrong! All “5 lever” means is that your lock has 5 levers inside (ok, obvious,sorry) it doesnt mean you are secure by any means and it definitely does not mean you are complying with your insurers…

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Its getting darker….!

So the nights are drawing in and it wont be long before the clocks get turned, now is a great time to review your security and guard against what unfortunately will be the annual upturn in opportunist burglaries. There are a host of measures to deter your home getting “chosen” by the local pond life,…

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Up & over garage door?

Garage door

It often surprises me that people and businesses regularly spend their time and resources on their main building security and yet ignore the weakest and at risk storage space that they possess..their garage. And then they proceed to store some of their most valuable possessions  in this space! It is an unfortunate fact, that the majority…

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Should I change my locks when buying a new property?

Unfortunately the answer is yes, although many if not most people do not. So you probably think its just a sales pitch from your locksmith when he tells you that the average amount of key sets in existence to UK properties is 5…erhh…yes 5! So have you got them all? Of course its mostly innocent…

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Belle Vue Burglaries

“Police in Shrewsbury are warning residents in Belle vue to tighten up on their security following three reported burglaries in the area. One house and two sheds were broken into and in another separate incident two men were disturbed as they attempted to get into a house. The incidents all happened in the early hours of Thursday…

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“Honey, this lock is playing up again…..”

Sound familiar? Do you have a lock that is temperamental, stubborn, unreliable or that requires you to stand on one leg rubbing your tummy whilst turning the key to get it open? And are you constantly saying to yourself or your partner “we need to get that looked at soon”? Well my advice is get the…

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