Facebook…whats all that about?

Facebook screenshot

I have never personally been a facebook user but I know I am missing out on a host of local clients who regularly use it. So I have employed the services of a local business www.newboldhorizons.co.uk to help me kickstart and manage a facebook campaign. I can help more of you good local people in…

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“Honey, this lock is playing up again…..”

Sound familiar? Do you have a lock that is temperamental, stubborn, unreliable or that requires you to stand on one leg rubbing your tummy whilst turning the key to get it open? And are you constantly saying to yourself or your partner “we need to get that looked at soon”? Well my advice is get the…

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Worried about your sash window security?

Sash windows are a beautiful feature in any home or business and are prominent throughout many period properties in Shrewsbury & Shropshire. However they also need to be compliant to your insurers requirements and must be secured with a key operated locking device but these can be intrusive and detract from the cosmetic appearance of…

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Send for a locksmith NOT the Fire Brigade!

The London Fire Brigade has revealed they are being called out on average once every hour to rescue people who are locked in or out of a building or vehicle! This equates to over 22,000 incidents in the last 3 years costing the tax payer £5.7 million. The Brigade and all Brigades are urging the…

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The truth about national locksmiths….

Use a local locksmith - Saint Locks, Shrewsbury

Up to as much as 75% of directory and internet advertising is taken by National locksmith companies NOT local to you! They are predominantly Southern based companies who operate large call centres and then subcontract the works out to the nearest Locksmith they can find and take 60% of the invoice leaving the person doing the…

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Trouble with newly cut keys?

Selection of Keys

  Ever had any problems with keys you have just had cut on the high street? Are they stiff or dont work at all? Have you actually been locked out because of them? Locksmiths see poorly cut keys causing clients problems all the time including a customer who was locked out in the rain just…

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