CCTV System Upgrade For Shrewsbury

CCTV system - Saint Locks, ShrewsburyA recent article in the Shropshire Star, has reported on the planned upgrade of the CCTV system in Shrewsbury. There are currently dozens of CCTV cameras at Ditherington, the Monkmoor Recreation Ground and all over Shrewsbury town centre.

Bill Longmore, the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner has recently granted the sum of £160,000 in order for the overhaul to take place to the CCTV system. Currently the CCTV system has the central control room (CCR) situated in Shrewsbury town centre. From the CCR cameras in other towns including Cleobury and Whitchurch can be accessed, as well as the car park static cameras in Shrewsbury itself. The local Shrewsbury town council currently own 6 cameras of the 39 in total in the CCTV system. There are 3 cameras in the Quarry and 3 monitoring the Monkmoor Recreation Ground.

So, why the need for an upgrade? Currently although the cabling system to all the cameras is run on fibre optics which enables digital images to be caught, the cameras are all analogue. Because the cameras are analogue, this means that any repairs and subsequent necessary parts are becoming harder and more expensive to seek out. Upgrading the cameras to digital ones will enable better images and also allow for wi-fi hotspots for visitors to Shrewsbury town to connect to. In addition to the aforementioned mentioned benefits, improved definition of current camera locations will allow operators of the CCTV system to identify certain areas in the town that require further monitoring. Shrewsbury town council will be working in partnership with Shropshire town council in order to complete the upgrade of the CCTV system.

Leader of Shrewsbury Town Council, Alan Mosley stated…

“We are going to continue discussions with Shropshire Council on this matter as it is something that we need to move forward as quickly as we can… We have been promised this money from the Police and Crime Commissioner and it would be a real shame not to utilise it… The current system is old and outdated in terms of technology. This has already been brought up with Shropshire Council and we reiterated that this is the best way forward for this service … It will be possible to link the new scheme into other CCTV systems including the town council’s stand alone CCTV systems in various facilities.”

On going discussions regarding the implementation of the CCTV system upgrade will take place between Shrewsbury and Shropshire Town Councils next month.

With thanks for the use of CCTV camera photo to Adrian Pingstone.



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