Security for the Garden in Warmer Weather

St Locks are the local locksmith firm for Shrewsbury and surrounding areas.The Crime Prevention Website (CPW) reported last month on the need to ensure that your garden is as secure as possible. Particularly during the warmer months. In their research the CPW observed that six different police forces from all around the UK had published warnings about thefts from residents gardens and sheds. Indeed, the CPW quoted Inspector Dave Bryan from Bracknell Police Service in Thames Valley as saying …

“people can become complacent in the warm weather and leave their homes and outbuildings unlocked or windows open”.

Our local West Mercia force have produced some useful guides on both ‘Home and garden security’ and also ‘Tools stolen from garden sheds’. Both of which include some great tips for making outside of your home more secure. Therefore, protecting your garden property, which is often expensive.

According to the CPW’s article, only 20% of the population mark their personal property and even more worryingly, 38% of us still feel that our garden sheds are not secure enough. It is well worth marking all items in your shed and garden with an invisible marker pen that Police could view under UV light, should the item end up at a police station. This would mean that your property at least has a chance of being returned to you. Lawn mowers, garden tools, patio furniture and garden benches can all easily be marked with your house number and postcode.

Storing your garden furniture and tools in a secure shed when not in use, is the best method for preventing anything from being stolen however. Ensure that door hinges are operating correctly and enable the shed doors to shut flush with the frame. The next step is to use a good quality padlock and chain to lock the shed doors shut. If you have a window in your shed consider obscuring it so that the contents of your shed are not on clear view to a would be thief.

Should you require any further advise regarding your garden security then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Saint Locks and we will be happy to help.


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With thanks for the use of the photo of a garden shed to Tonniedixon under CC BY-SA 3.0

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