Up & over garage door?

Garage door

It often surprises me that people and businesses regularly spend their time and resources on their main building security and yet ignore the weakest and at risk storage space that they possess..their garage. And then they proceed to store some of their most valuable possessions  in this space!

It is an unfortunate fact, that the majority of “up and over” garage doors can be forced open within seconds due to the nature of the basic design which has changed little over the decades. There are many cost effective and relatively simple to fit solutions that drastically improve this security.

I have fitted many but sadly only after my customer has been the victim of theft and is retrospectively seeking the additional security. I have decided to post today, having just fitted robust security to a garage door in Telford. It has suffered repeated forced openings and attempts at forced openings even after having additional security fitted, by the owner. This includes additional bolts and CCTV coverage…sometimes a professionals opinion and perspective is required. I am here to advise and supply and install the additional security and deterrents suitable for your application. Including various bars and bolted mechanisms prevent the door from being opened unwittingly.

Photo credit: well if I had money tell you what i’d do via photopin (license)

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