Arrest of 16 Year Old Telford Boy Over Bus Driver Robbery

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                     Telford Bus Station

The Shropshire Star have recently reported on a 16 year old male from Telford being arrested, after he committed a robbery against a bus driver. The youth had been bailed until yesterday.

The crime happened between 3:30pm and 3:45pm on Thursday 12th March 2015. The victim, a bus driver had been driving along her planned bus route, through the Brookside area of Telford. She stopped the bus at a bus stop next to Bembridge. At the stop, Police have reported that a male got onto the bus and proceeded to pay. As he paid with a note, the bus driver followed the bus company’s policy and checked the money under an ultra violet torch. On doing so, she discovered that the money was counterfeit.

“The male reached through the gap in the plastic security glass of the driver’s cabin and grabbed the bus driver’s hand which was holding the money and took the money back from her as well as a handful of £1 coins. He then ran off from the scene.” A Police spokesman said.

As the bus had CCTV installed, Police were able to launch an appeal for information about the identity of the offender. Following the release of the CCTV images, an arrest of the 16 year old Telford male was made.

The spokesman for the Police has stated that the Constabulary would like to thank everyone involved with assisting their enquiries and ultimately, enabling them to make an arrest.

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