Facebook…whats all that about?

Facebook screenshotI have never personally been a facebook user but I know I am missing out on a host of local clients who regularly use it. So I have employed the services of a local business www.newboldhorizons.co.uk to help me kickstart and manage a facebook campaign. I can help more of you good local people in Shrewsbury & Telford, and surrounding areas throughout Shropshire. I will regularly post testimonials, news & special offers etc so it would be brilliant if all you visitors to my website could visit my facebook and “like” “share” my comments and posts!

Social Media is a necessary method of advertising for any business in today’s online world. We want to get in touch with as many customers as possible, so that we can help as many of you as possible. But that doesn’t mean that Saint Locks can’t help you if you are not a facebook user!

Either call us, complete and send the enquiry form to the left of this text, or email us today for a fast and friendly response.

Photo credit: Facebook via photopin (license)

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