Another reason why to use a local locksmith..

Use a local locksmith - Saint Locks, ShrewsburyThis last week I had a previous client call me stating she was having problems with a lock that I had fitted. She told me it was out of warranty and said she would leave an open cheque with her son as she had to go out. The lock indeed was out of the warranty I apply to all my works, by about 6 months. However, upon inspection of the lock I couldn’t determine the root cause of the failure. I could only put it down to a faulty part. But here’s the thing, I am a local business serving the local people and businesses and my reputation is everything to me. I could have charged the customer to replace the lock but I didn’t, because in the same shoes I would have expected the part to have lasted longer regardless that its warranty had expired. Yes I would have paid again but wouldn’t have done so happily and that’s what I wanted my customer to be, happy with my service. So the lock was replaced free of charge and I have retained a customer who in turn will tell her friends about my services too. That’s not to say its open season, I have absolute faith in my ability and skill in the locksmith trade and that’s why I can count on one hand the returns to previous works under warranty in the last 5 years. Customers can always expect to receive a quality service and back up from St Locks the local Shrewsbury Locksmith. On this occasion I applied a fairness and common sense to my service that only a respectable local business can.

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