“Honey, this lock is playing up again…..”

Sound familiar? Do you have a lock that is temperamental, stubborn, unreliable or that requires you to stand on one leg rubbing your tummy whilst turning the key to get it open? And are you constantly saying to yourself or your partner “we need to get that looked at soon”? Well my advice is get the lock looked at now! Three customers this week have found themselves on the wrong side of their doors locked out in some pretty atrocious weather, luckily i managed to get to them all within a reasonable amount of time but seriously take a second to think of the inconvenience and the cost if this happens to you…you could be late for work or that important appointment, an interview perhaps. Or  as with one of my customers you could be in the pouring rain with a 4 year old and baby locked out. Very often because a matter of maintenance has now become an emergency people who find themselves in this position just want the first locksmith they can get and dont think as rationally when making a normal planned purchase so the first name on google or in the directory gets called who inevitably arrives 2 hours late, charges 3 times the normal local rate and drills multiple holes in your door as they dont have the skills to effect entry in the correct manner in these cases.

Still need convincing? Still want to put it off? Ok, good luck!