Emergency Door & Lock Opening

Emergency Lock and Door Opening


Shrewsbury locksmith during emergency lock and door opening

Saint Locks offer an emergency lock and door opening service 7 days a week!

Saint Locks is a 95% non destructive locksmith utilising the latest state of the art covert entry tools and techniques. In skilled hands, these tools are effective on even the most high security BS3621 mortice locks.

Simon of St Locks standing in front of his vanI have been opening locks in Shrewsbury, Telford and all the surrounding towns and villages since 2008. As a locally based family run firm, St Locks are the vernacular choice.

Many locksmiths claim to be non destructive but the simple fact is that 95% of locksmiths who claim to be 95% non destructive are misleading you. To find out its simple, ask them what equipment they carry, do they carry mortice lock decoders, curtain picks, EPG`s, 2 in 1 picks, overlifters? If they say no or tell you your lock has to be drilled then steer clear and call St Locks!

Not all locks can be opened non destructively, most because they are faulty but again this does not mean your door has to be destroyed. Neither does it mean that multiple drill holes need to be used. A skilled locksmith should be able to open your faulty lock with one small clean drill hole which can then be repaired.

All quotations are free and with no obligation and all works come with a written 1 year guarantee on parts and labour.