uPVC Door Specialist

uPVC Door Specialist


St Locks are also uPVC Door Specialists“WHY PAY A FORTUNE TO REPLACE YOUR WHOLE DOOR WHEN THE LOCK BREAKS” the multipoint lock in your door works hard so it wont last as long as conventional locks.

If your handle is dropping / floppy, if the lock is noisy or catching when you lift the handle your door lock could be about to fail! It could break whilst you are outside!

Thousands of home owners face this problem every day and a large percentage replace their whole door, due to not being aware of their options or being mislead by uPVC installers.

Saint Locks offers a comprehensive range of replacement locks and accessories covering all types of uPVC, composite and timber doors. This also includes a highly skilled door opening service in the eventuality your lock fails, with the door closed. All this at a fraction of the cost of a new door! Saint Locks is also your local Yale approved Doormaster installer for their new range of Doormaster replacement locks.

Door opening service for “failed locked” multipoint locks. Quick and easy replacement lock installation.

A whole new door makeover service! Kite marked cylinders, new handles, everything you need!

I have been to countless UPVC doors in Shrewsbury and Telford where the customers have had continuous problems since installation and who have had many tradesmen out in an attempt to resolve their concerns when what is required is a specialized process of “toeing and heeling” the door. This process involves removing the door panels and glazing and by the use of special packers and manipulation transferring the weight of the door to the bottom corner hinge, this simple logical process once and for all fixes that “dropped door” scenario that can plague customers for years.