“I can get those locks cheaper at Screwfix?”

So ok, a customer cancelled with me today after confirming a job that I had priced after spending a while on google and questioning my costs against the costs for materials he found at Screwfix. That is absolutely the customers perogative but they need to understand this is my business not my hobby. I am a locksmith, not a DIYer or handyman. I have a product range that I have history with, am confident with and fit professionally with a full no nonsense guarantee. I as with plumbers, electricians and any other trades are never going to compete with the prices that some customers can find “online”, those are in fact trade prices! But heres the thing, I know I am competitive and priced totally for the benefit of the local customers. I know if a customer buys a lock from B&Q fits it, or gets someone to fit it, if it fails their guarantee with the manufacturer means nothing. What are Yale UK going to do in a guarantee scenario? They want the lock back in one piece…but hang on, it failed and you had to pay a locksmith to come and drill it out? With me I “wear” the items cost, if it fails I replace it, no discussion. Also locks come in varying sizes and designs, I bring them to you so I know they are suitable for the application, In the instance of this mornings customer he is questioning my quotation against the cheapest budget product in Screwfix` catalogue..thats not comparing apples with apples. The conclusion to this is simple, yes you can find items on line at trade prices, that’s fine. However they can be unsuitable for application, can be copies, can be inferior quality etc. They might even be identical to what I fit, but that is ultimately the customers choice. I am content in the sure knowledge that I provide an honest, ethical and competive locksmith service. I quote, the customer has the choice.

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  1. Locksmiths Shrewsbury on February 27, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    I had a chap Googling the price of mechs whilst I was preparing to unjam his door, started whinging about the price so I left. Long story short he got the job done by a friend of mine in the end to the tune of an extra £50. We should not have to justify our prices, especially when they are reasonable.

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