Unscrupulous UPVC installers in Shrewsbury & Telford

Locksmith fitting a multipoint lock to a UPVC doorI have noticed even on my own estate which is a fairly new build in Shrewsbury, several properties that have had new uPVC doors fitted. Now why is this news? Well the fancy new uPVC doors have directly replaced far superior composite doors!!

Multipoint locking mechanisms have a life span of approximately 8-10 years and St Locks has replaced hundreds throughout Telford, Shrewsbury and beyond, even if the lock has failed with the door closed we can open your door with no damage to it.

Saint Locks offer a wide range of high security lock options for your uPVC doors, that include anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-snap versions. Not only do these types of lock make your external doors more secure, they are often a necessity to meet your insurance companies specifications. Having a higher grade lock than your insurance premium dictates, could even save you money on your premium costs!

Telford Locksmiths

Unfortunately many people dont know they have options and their first thought is to ring a UPVC installer. As has happened where I live, they are very often only given the option of having the whole door replaced. The facts are simple, replace the lock not the whole door at a fraction of the cost.
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