Why should I get high security euro cylinders?

3 Star Cylinders from St Locks

Having St Locks fit the latest high security locks to your front door will drastically improve your security.

The highest standard of euro cylinder available in the UK are those that have passed Sold Secure Diamond testing. At St Locks, we fit both the Brisant Secure Ultion WXM, and the Avocet ATK, depending on which style of key you prefer. Both these locks have passed a series of extreme tests by professionals, including basic stealth attacks such as raking, bypassing and picking, through the ever present threat of bumping, right through to the most destructive attacks where the lock cylinder is attacked with heavy equipment of the type most burglars wouldn’t carry – and they have passed them all! Even when physically snapped in half, these British Standard TS007:2014 3* locks remain secure against the Sold Secure testing house wedges, screwdrivers, lump hammers and power drills!

The unique Ultion WXM two-part plug design replaces brass with molybdenum, making it harder to attack with a drill and stronger for longer. The WXM Diamond rated cylinder also comes with a £1000 £2000 extra five year warranty against successful entry into your home via snapping! The addition of extra anti-pick protection further enhances the second generation of this lock. It also features a high security dimple (horizontal) keyway.

The Avocet ABS Attack Series (ATK) 3 star British Kitemark & Sold Secure diamond grade snap secure euro profile cylinder lock is packed full of security features to provide maximum security against known cylinder attack methods. It has the more traditional style of key, where the keyway is vertical. This video showcases the older version, the ABS.

The standards

There are two standards that we care about for anti-snap euro cylinders.

The first is the British Standard TS007:2014. Dating from 2014 in the latest version, this updated standard for the first time covered a new threat to doors protected by euro cylinders, where the lock was forced out of the door, called “snapping”. This unfortunately allowed very rapid entry in many cases. To get full protection, a door has to get a 3 star rating. This is either done by adding a one star cylinder and a two star anti-snap handle, or by fitting a three star lock cylinder.

The second, slightly higher, standard, is the Sold Secure Diamond rating. The idea behind Sold Secure was to simulate real world attacks that real burglars were carrying out. Established in 1992 by Northumbria and Essex Police with the help and backing of the Home Office, Sold Secure is now owned and administered by the Master Locksmiths Association and works from purpose-built laboratories in Rugby, which performs certification of security products via manual attack testing. Every product carrying a Sold Secure rating must re-submit to testing every year, and pass the current test, in order to stay current against the very latest threats. For door cylinders, the highest level is Diamond, and the testing is, frankly, quite brutal to the locks. Most locks will not pass even the lower levels of testing! Even getting a lower Gold rating is difficult. Diamond really is the pinnacle.

Fitting a lock passing both these standards ensures you and your family peace of mind and the highest levels of protection.

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