Do you feel safer leaving your key in the back of your lock at night?

How many homeowners or business owners think it increases their security by leaving a key “part turned” in the back of their locks on doors they rarely use or their main doors when they retire for the day or evening? Well I can tell you loads….and I am here to tell you DONT! Unfortunately what used to be a locksmiths trick of trade is now widely available on the internet and worse still some unscrupulous businesses will happily supply the specialist tools to any non vetted individual.

A question from leading locksmiths from Shrewsbury

Look at it this way…think about it logically….by leaving the key in the lock regardless of the fact it is in the back of the door you are leaving the physical means of opening that lock in situation…do you get it? If you dont, dont worry…just STOP doing it. I am just back from a repossession where i entered a business premises in under 60 seconds with no visible means of entry because…you guessed it….a key was in the back of the lock on a rear door.